Private Wing Chun Kung Fu lessons, Manly

Discover the martial art that keeps you safe, fit & relaxed

Have you been thinking about learning a martial art for self defence, exercise, stress relief or another reason? I’m Andre Quin , a Wing Chun instructor in Manly with a great passion for sharing this art. Whatever your goals, I can help you reach them through one-on-one martial arts training sessions. I teach pure internal Wing Chun Kung Fu , an extremely effective martial art that doesn’t rely on muscular strength or flexibility. You’ll learn to generate great amounts of force using mechanical principles, geometrical structures and the hidden power of your mind. This is the first martial art that Bruce Lee learnt and the one that most influenced his own teachings later in life – so you’re in great company!

Benefits of Wing Chun Kung Fu

  • You’ll progress quickly with one-on-one training
  • It’s suitable for everyone
  • You’ll learn real world self-defence skills
  • I can come to you, or you to me
  • It will vastly improve your posture and overall health
  • Less stress, greater focus and self-confidence
  • No bullies or meat heads

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