Wing Chun Kung Fu - Pricing

1st Introductory Lesson

Discover the fascinating art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.
Experience first hand how you too can control your body and mind
To generate great power without the need for muscular strength.


1-on-1 Private Lessons

For the dedicated student who wants to learn the art in depth and experience a very steep learning curve.

Single private lesson 1 private lesson per week 10 private lesson pass
$130 $110 $890

Tailored Lessons for 2+ Persons

Share the experience with a friend, partner or family member and enjoy a very personalised learning environment.

Single lesson 1 lesson per week 10 Lesson Pass
$150 $130 $990

Group Lessons – Currently Unavailable

Join one of our group lessons and learn Wing Chun in a friendly environment.
1 class per week for 10 weeks, during school terms

Adults Teenagers & Students
$220 $190

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