Wing Chun Kung Fu - Sydney's Northern Beaches

Frequently Asked Questions about Wing Chun and Momentum lessons

  • What is Wing Chun?
  • What are the benefits of Wing Chun?
  • How does the training work?
  • Why do you only teach private classes?
  • Do students ever practice together?
  • Why should I take private lessons with you instead of a group lesson somewhere else?

1. What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a very effective martial art. According to legend it was invented by a Shaolin nun, Ng Mui, and named after her most talented student, Yim Wing Chun. Literally translated wing chun means eternal spring time. It doesn’t rely on muscular strength or flexibility and allows practitioners to generate great amounts of force using mechanical principles, geometrical structures and the hidden power of the mind.

2. What are the benefits of Wing Chun?

Being a martial art, it teaches you:

  • the valuable ability to defend yourself and those you care about

But other major benefits include:

  • improving posture and back problems, quickly and efficiently
  • lengthening/straightening your spine
  • relaxing your body back into its natural alignment
  • releasing muscular tension and stress
  • boosting your concentration span by having a clear and focused mind

3. How does the training work?

I teach private lessons, or small groups of up to 5 people at a time – your choice. The lessons are tailored to suit your levels of dedication, commitment and personal needs. They can be purely relaxation orientated, full of action and a bit of a play, or a dash of both! There are no fitness components, flexibility exercises or drills. In other words, don’t expect a Boxercise class. I teach the genuine way I was taught by my masters and purely focus on forms and Chi Sau. There are no belts, exams or grades.

4. Why do you only teach private classes?

Because pure Wing Chun is an internal martial art. It’s not possible to learn or teach this style in a bulk or commercial way. Just like you wouldn’t learn to play the piano in a group with 20 other people, or want to be taught by someone with a 3 months personal training course. Teaching Wing Chun effectively requires many hours of one-on-one practice and hands on tuition by a very experienced instructor. The knowledge gets passed on by feel and then requires you, the student, to also practice on your own. Or better yet, integrate it into your everyday life, the way you move and think.

5. Do students ever practice together?

Other than if training in a small group or private lesson, students meet up in a casual/social environment to practise chi sau together. This is the second fundamental part of training and progressing, and it’s so much fun. A bit like dancing, chi sau gets played in pairs and can be done anywhere anytime – and some good music helps create a festive atmosphere. Don’t worry, no uniforms or formal attire required ; ) It is all about having fun! By practicing with other students, major improvements are made by passing on the ‚feeling‘ from person to person.

6. Why should I take private lessons with you instead of a group lesson somewhere else?

a) The lesson fits into your schedule , your busy life. b). It’s actually more cost-effective: Having trained in many group classes over the years, I can assure you that, in a one hour class with 10 others, you are lucky to get five minutes one-on-one time. If you pay $15 for that class, it works out at $3 per minute of private tuition. At that rate you need to do 12 lessons to get an hour’s worth of personal tuition – and it works out at a rate of $180 per hour! With Momentum, you pay for private lessons when, where and with who you wan’t (or don’t want) Plus, you get to train with other people (like you would in a larger general class) for FREE at chi sau get-togethers! If you haven’t guessed by now, Wing Chun is my passion and I’ll never stop learning more of this amazing martial art. It’s just as important that my students learn as quickly and proficiently as possible. Simply, being taught hands on is the fastest, purest and most effective way to discover all the great benefits of Wing Chun.

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